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We hate that you've retired from pro-surfing Mick, but we still love to watch you paddle away! Then got trapped in a forest of cacti and eventually arrived on an American Airforce base. Now, if we can just get him confirmed as the next James Bond, we'll be able to watch his fabulous butt for the duration of four feature length films. There's a Facebook page dedicated to Gerard Butler's Butt. Godfrey is a Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor. I've been training my whole afternoon for this moment. The royal behind is still lookin' might fine!

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14 Times Celebs Showed Off Their Butts on Instagram & Twitter

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Photographed by stevenkleinstudio.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I like to make sure that for 4 workouts per week I get out of my comfort zone and the other 3, it's slow and steady recovery. Enter your email address below. Our point is - Chris is training hard and it's paying off big time in the butt department. He co-produced Magic Mike in , a story based on his time spent stripping.

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