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Since Goths think for themselves, listening to other genres other than goth is okay. Goths are typically seen as morbid, wearing black clothes almost all of the time, and wearing make up regardless of sex. Sunlit skies are beautiful, yes, but so are dark cloudy ones. Someone who likes the darker side of things. They usually listen to death metal and goth music, such as Dismember and Bauhaus. Goths would rather stay who they are and be among the so called "freaks" than be like everyone else and be popular. The controversy rages about what "is" goth and what it isn't, as various members of the subculture jockey for credibility.

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Boy 1: She's dressed in dark clothing and has those funky eyeliner swirly things.

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If someone becomes "goth" because they couldn't get any friends or are depressed and angry all the time, they are most likely a poser. Goths are fun to be around and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves every so often. The 69 Eyes is Gothic Rock , but you can still dislike them and be a goth. Real goths are not depressing and suicidal like the posers you see at Hot Topic.

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