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For other sprites and images, please see Houndour images on the Bulbagarden Archives. Friend Area : Ravaged Field. There are white bands on its ankles, and rib-like ridges on its back. Fast Attacks: Feint Attack , Ember. It uses different kinds of cries for communicating with others of its kind and for pursuing its prey. Black It is smart enough to hunt in packs. Houndour travel in packs and communicate through barks in order to surround their prey.

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Houndour (Pokémon)

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Giovanni used a Houndour in Showdown at the Radio Tower!!

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As seen in the anime , it will not abandon a sick pack member. Houndour may have been based on the Cerberus of Greek and Roman mythology , or other legends of hellhounds. They make repeated eerie howls before dawn to call attention to their pack. They are known to be loyal and obedient to their Trainers.

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