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The show co-starred blonde Linda Evans and brunette Joan Collins. Pioneering stuntwoman Helen Thurston filled in for Dietrich when the action became too heavy … but the publicity claimed the stars did all their own stunts in one continuous take and were presented with champagne toasts and applause from the cast and crew. The argument led to a fight where one of the girls knocked the other into an adjacent pool. Character Based Film Series. Everyone encouraged me to fight back, so I did. Stephenville, Texas: Jacobus Books. Klaw used many models and actresses in his works, including Bettie Page.

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Below is a selection of notable films, many of them featuring major movie stars engaged in fighting.

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There and in the Planet Earth scene, the heroes witness the effect of their own violence on children, forcing them to rethink the use of force—a very effective and intelligent pacifistic touch from Roddenberry. Views Read Edit View history. Venturing onto … these pages will lead a viewer to an abundance of videos and images of objectified women fighting with each other by pulling hair, scratching, and even biting each other.

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