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Jake hung out outside by the pool, occasionally talking to whatever drunk person felt like sitting next to him. He had taken the break up pretty hard and Jake hated to see his friend upset. A girl with long wavy brown hair stepped in front of the other end of the table, her eyes locked on Emily. In the corner of the room was a staircase and they headed upstairs. Mason laid down on the bed and gratefully took the water bottle that Jake offered him. There were two staircases leading to the second floor and the furniture in the room was probably more expensive than Jakes entire house.

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Preference #158 Sex on the Tour Bus

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Jake gave her a final wave before pushing Mason out the door.

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The next few rounds went a little less smoother than the first. Mason handed him the keys and Jake drove the few miles back to his house. Mason drove as if he knew exactly where he was going and Jake realized that he had probably been here before so he asked, and Mason nodded. The next one missed and Braeden gave him a smirk.

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