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B Scabies aggravated by potent topical steroid use. A periorbital hyperpigmentation is very common and is seen quite early Figure 2 A ; it is attributed to a phototoxic property of hydroquinone that, in medical use, is associated with photoprotection. Legally, bleaching products might be drugs that are misused; however, more often, their presentations are those of true cosmetic brands, which are numerous. Immigrant communities often import their practice from their original country. Hydrating compounds can be largely proposed. Dermatitis, either caustic or allergic, is possible.

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B Scabies aggravated by potent topical steroid use.

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Rather than aiming at obtaining a definite confession, seeking for the list of compounds used with comparison to a reference list of the most commonly used products might be more efficient. All products are used as milks, creams or gel creams, or soaps. B Scabies aggravated by potent topical steroid use.

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