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I need to do something humiliating, yes? In my five-inch peep-toe stiletto heels, I sway towards her like a catwalk model, rolling my hips seductively, keeping her stare on mine. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. This does something to me — something more than arousal — it makes me a dominatrix. Lust makes my laughter sink into a sexy smile. She sinks backwards, her head thumping against the door, her hands sinking warmly into my back. I raise my head, looking right into her face.

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Lesbian Erotic Stories: read an excerpt from Confessions of a Kinky Divorcée

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Erotic fiction: read Behind The Mask.

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She takes my hand for the first time ever and my heart does a jig. Down on my knees, I caress her throat, her collarbone, the swell of her perfect breasts, the tightness of the flesh there, the hardness of her nipples. Oh, I could come all over her! She starts around my stocking-tops, kissing round the lacy edge where strap and stocking meet; then she works down slowly, teasing my flesh with the heat of her lips, kissing down every inch, running her hands down my calves and giving sweet little moans as she gets closer to my feet.

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