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These are reasons why nude recreation is gaining popularity in America and abroad, particularly with demographics other than white people of a certain vintage. The grand lobby bar is furnished with ersatz-gold accents and plaster replicas of Renaissance statues. But most classic naturists are less tolerant of Caliente. We arrange to meet later at Caliente, a few miles north on Highway Inside, Pastor Norm arranges Bibles on the plastic tables. Garden of Eden is nondenominational.

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Purists v partiers: the battle between two popular nudist resorts

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She has a helmet of lank, straw-colored hair, its tone enhanced by the contrast of her chestnutty brown skin.

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Lee Baxandall, a prominent figure of the new left, dedicated the second act of his life to nudist advocacy in America. New management started selling sex instead of naked family outings to attract outsiders. The resort felt it had to ratchet up security since the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, being that it hosts large queer crowds. For now, he balances, or perhaps tempers, his enchantment in Caliente with the homely environs of Como, keeping a bare foot in both worlds.

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