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February Learn how and when to remove this template message. During a late night party, Violet feels isolated and ridiculed by Joy's Ivy League friends, and excuses herself for late shift work. Despite his attempts to resist her allure, she seduces him into sex later that night. Factory 's The Poison Ivy Collection Michael is not appreciative of her vices and vows never to see her again, thereby confirming her prejudiced belief that all men are uncaring and deceitful. Joy is an amateur tennis star and engaged to her boyfriend from Yale University , Michael, who will be working as an intern for Joy's father's bank. Still holding on to the pearl necklace, Joy pleads with Violet to reach out and take her hand.

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Violet induces Joy to dress up and play tea like they did when they were children, where they will commit suicide by drinking poison.

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Afterward, Michael takes Joy to her room and initiates foreplay, only to be rejected. He threatens that she must leave the Greers' before he tells Joy the truth. As Michael is on his way out, he runs into Violet, who is dressed in a sadomasochistic costume, which causes him to question her employment at Denny's. He then reveals to her that he has lost his internship at the bank because of drugs and that he knows of her schemes, including working as a sadomasochistic prostitute, her false employment at Denny's , and her dark family history including the death of Ivy alluding to the original film.

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