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This section of the article is incomplete, and contains information, but requires more before it can be considered complete. So no matter what I say about my killer supervillain dad and his tights-wearing buddies , it just looks like more tabloid schlock. As a result of the New 52 in , the entire line of DC characters was relaunched, incorporating properties belonging to the company's imprints: Wildstorm , Milestone , and Vertigo. Batman saw her and decided not to take Arthur in. She started off by spreading her father's actions via the internet. Afterwards, she joined Tim on a quest to explore the consequences of that alternate timeline. Shaken by Tim's apparent death, Spoiler rejected Batman's philosophy and struck out on her own.

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Stephanie Brown (Prime Earth)

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This character is or was an incarnation of or an ally of Batman , and a member of the Batman Family.

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Relevance Stephanie Brown Pics

She found herself receiving aid from both Barbara Gordon and Selina Kyle [4]. Batman and Batwoman invited Stephanie, who was then dating Tim Drake , to join their new team of superheroes. After she fled for her life, Stephanie decided to make it her mission to "spoil" her father's plans. As such, elements of this character's history have been altered in some way from the previous incarnation.

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