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Along with that, he wears brown construction boots. Sometime later T-Bone and Frewer enjoy a drink together, Frewer later revealing he bought T-Bone a burger from the only place he can eat, this leads to an objecting T-Bone finally eating the burger and realizing he actually likes it. He recorded several of his reflections on CT OS in audio logs, which he hid in the mainframe of his workplace's computer system. He also warned Aiden that the Bellwether code is dangerous. He is also a fan of drinking to relieve himself and can be heard saying " Jesus, I could do with a shot of rum right now ". Aiden took him to his new home in an abandoned CT OS test site building known as the Bunker , located on a small island. While en route, Aiden explained that he needed some data decrypted but it can't go public as he needs to trade it for his sister.

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T-Bone quickly leaves the Swelter Skelter area with a hungover Marcus, and it wouldn't be until much later when he'd realized he left Frewer on his own in the desert.

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Raymond Kenney

A pleased Frewer sits back down with T-Bone as they watch the sunset while drinking. He was subsequently removed from his workplace while shouting warnings about Blume and CT OS, a scene witnessed by several of his co-workers. He also wears leather armbands. The logs were encrypted so that only a fellow engineer could decrypt and read them, which Angela Balik ended up doing upon being recruited by Blume.

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