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A massive creature made of rock and hardened clay, Wilda moves slowly during battle, but his incredible durability makes up for this. She's known to be a parody of Sailor Moon with her looks, stances and transformations. They spent most of their life training until Barodius offered them a life on the service. He appears in Linus' dreams to give one final goodbye. Resembles a lobster with big claws. Together they battle to free the enslaved Bakugan. His Battle Gear is Barias Gear.

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List of Bakugan

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Each of the Bakugan are associated with a different element ranging from Pyrus the attribute of fire , Subterra the attribute of earth , Haos the attribute of light , Darkus the attribute of darkness , Aquos the attribute of water , and Ventus the attribute of wind.

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It possesses a fierce battle cry that deafens its opponents. Zenoheld controls it manually from inside a cockpit. He looks like Elico with swim goggles.

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