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But ya basically my favorite thing in all the videos I mentioned are the blowjobs. I like the others even though as other people have said, they are amateur girls and the scenes are all the same and "porn by the numbers. It was definitely one of the best scenes they've done and if you stopped subscribing or caring for them a few months ago like I did , now's a great time to check them out again! I like my porn as natural and genuine as possible within these circumstances. You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. It's another one that isnt a really good fuck. By pinning them against the bed and standing way too close for them to really get cock out of their mouth.

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Any info would be much appreciated.

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I like GirsDoPorn but have only ever been interested in the swallowing scenes. Posted - Aug 12 : PM Back from the dead. I wish porn wasn't so stigmatised. I really like the bj she gives at the beginning it seemed really authentic.

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  1. literally can't get enough of bridgette she's my number 1