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Why this perpetual optimism? I've even gone as far as to give it a name: The Arm of Asuka But what really cemented me was her promo she cut on Alexa yesterday during Raw Is Christmas: It was short, sweet and to the point. Yet Asuka hasn't gotten that treatment. But if I can be honest: I did not think they would do this good a job with Asuka. They know what they want to do with her and they are doing it. The thing is, they did the same thing that they did for pretty much every other NXT call up, the only difference is that this one actually worked. Breezango: A fashionista and a ballroom dancer into fashion police who have good taste in crime TV.

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Yet Asuka hasn't gotten that treatment.

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Asuka Wins Women's 2018 WWE Royal Rumble, Ronda Rousey Debuts After Match

The Divas were like Torquay. Shirai, to her benefit, was rejected on Medical term by WWE. Now, I will state at first hand that I was confident that WWE would do well with Asuka but not be shocked if they did find a way to botch her in some fashion

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