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So, if someone is sticking around after you've gone your separate ways, chances are, as Barrett said, they are doing so because some part of them doesn't want to let go. If you're not interested in a reconciliation, their continued presence on your timeline can feel really frustrating. I have an ex who always likes my photos on social media. The important takeaway here is that if it makes you uncomfortable, you have every right to say so and, if they don't hear you, to block them. I wanted to find out what it means when a ex continues to make themselves known on your social media by liking all your pictures, so I reached out to Connell Barrett , Dating Transformation founder and executive dating coach, who helped me break it down. Almost always, one person wanted to stay together, and often that person will try to stay connected to their ex by liking their social-media photos and posts. They are not entitled to stay in your life either IRL or online.

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If Your Ex Is Still Liking All Of Your Pictures, Here’s What Experts Say That Really Means

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So, if your ex is liking all your posts, Barrett says it might mean one or more of the following things.

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The problem, as Barrett explains, is that it's very passive aggressive. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy. Does it actually mean anything, or is this just how some people behave after a breakup?

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