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The main difference between the crossdresser and sissy phases was the attitude; before I was a guy doing this for fun and to be admired, sexually — to confuse straight and gay boys alike. The tap turned on and water began to flow into my ass. I am his object to use, because I am a sissy slut, but because he loves me I am his sissy slut, his alone. It was while I was tied up with my feet on the back of my head, while he was teasing my smooth balls with his magic wand, that he decided upon the last shove: I was wrapped up like a present, and he was ready to own me completely. Funny that, the chastity cage made me much, much less chaste than I was before.

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He untied my hands and slapped my ass.

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Playing Pregnant

He was right, I was actually hungry for more of his cum now and was rushing towards his orgasm. The water was off and I was preparing for another sweep, trusting my master on this, when he came round and gave me a kiss on the nose. Still, as it started to press on my prostate, and to force dick to try and rise, I felt the full force — it was like getting fucked by Poseidon, I felt gloriously powerless.

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  1. You got my respect too and my thoughts about what I want to do with them if i ever had the chance.