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They are often artier then pornographic, and also bloody and violent to boot. With that said, we look at some of the finest examples of nude vampire films, some of which you may never have heard of before? Sheridan Le Fanu wrote a vampire novel called Carmilla, whose lesbian exploits were shrouded in metaphor and mystery. Throwing this much tits and ass on screen, in modern day, is more akin to softcore porn than arthouse cinema. News, Reviews and More, straight to your inbox!

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The Hottest Nude Vampire Films Ever!

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Director Harry Kumel was not worried about delivering shocks and gore but concentrated more on making a more artsy-fartsy film, with a deeper moral compass.

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Like kids to a white van with FREE CANDY plastered on the side, the men-folk are swayed up to the girls massive estate with the most flimsiest of propositions, where they find themselves pinned down and feasted on by the two girls. Using the female form as tool to entice people into cinemas was a common practice during this period of cinema. Yes, the film has more boobs and buts outside of a Pamela Anderson sex tape, but it also a surreal journey through a unsettling living painting of masked beauties, killer twins, mutilated dolls and more burning candles than a performance of Phantom of the Opera.

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