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Katy Perry teamed up with the Funny Or Die creators to encourage American voters to turn up to the polls. It never aired, but it can be easily found online. Your password has been successfully updated. If we had her incredible looks and confidence, we'd be blowing up Instagram too. They invite Maureen Diccico played by Katy onto their chat show, because Maureen has been banned from reading to children at the library due to her 'in-your-face' dress sense. Katy's posted some sizzling content during her time in the spotlight. Not only is the singer tossed in flour and garnished with vegetables, her bum is slapped and kneaded by a bunch of incredibly invasive chefs.

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The next outfit we'll all be waiting to see is the wedding dress Katy will wear when she ties the knot with Orlando Bloom.

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Katy Perry Nude - Her 12 Best Naked Photos

When Katy isn't writhing around on her bed in a gold skater dress, she's dancing in a black corset complete with nipple tassels. The mega-star is currently getting us all riled up for the latest season of American Idol , her latest collaboration with singer Zedd entitled '' was released 10 days ago and already has 21 million views on YouTube alone, and her and Orlando Bloom got engaged on Valentine's Day. Some people felt that the song trivialised homosexuality; that as a heterosexual woman Katy was just playing at being a bisexual for the attention. But as soon as they do, we'll be keeping our ear to the ground for wedding dress hints.

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