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Once they find him, Michael can either kill him or let him go player's choice. However, she breaks up with him on the same day as the mission, as seen on her Lifeinvader. Michael steals a Seashark to take Tracey ashore, but they are chased by Blake and Freddy. Michael : " Hey, guy was talking smack to your mother. Tracey performs an erotic dance and Lazlow joins in, enraging both Michael and Trevor.

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Tracey De Santa

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Tracey on Fame or Shame official artwork.

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Tracey's audition is as a dancer, but Michael and Trevor, knowing Tracey will embarrass herself due to her lack of dancing skills, head to the Maze Bank Arena. She also has a butterfly on the top of her left foot. Tracey's true personality is hard to define, as she is quite upset about many things in-game, including having bad relationships with the members of her family, who disapprove of her behavior.

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