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Please just add a note in the post area of the reblog what your main blog is so I can match it up with a confirmed like in the notes. Who knows, I may be willing to do the research to write what you want. I am a chronically ill person and have off days where I sleep a lot. As always I hope this letter finds you well, and that you might reconsider writing me back. Cullen is very happy about this! I treasure every single second of each and every memory we made together, and live in hope that we might some day have the opportunity to make more.

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You will get your fic in a timely manner.

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My friend helped me reaching level 60 Blue Mage in 2 hours. I know it can never happen, but I dream of us being together. You may request a fluff fic, NSFW, coffee shop discussion between your faves, etc. Cullen is very happy about this!

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