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Fight Club: Uncle swings beer bottle at wounded man in coffee shop. The CEO said that he would act as her manager and Clara sent her those pictures as a routine of checking in with her manager. Coronavirus: Singapore confirms 2 more cases, bringing total to Wuhan virus: Couple in Singapore attends own wedding via live-stream. Singaporeans spill insider secrets about their previous jobs you probably wished you knew. Korean model Clara explains why she sent sexy photos to CEO. The two parties are currently embroiled in a legal dispute, with Polaris filing a criminal suit against Clara for threatening the agency, and Clara having filed a civil counter based on a sexual harassment claim.

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Netizens lambast Singapore group By2 for 'sweeping up' face masks here to give China.

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Make your own DIY hand sanitizer. Korean actress and model Clara recently admitted that she did send revealing pictures to the CEO of entertainment agency Polaris. Wuhan virus: Hunan health worker, 28, dies after 10 straight days on frontline.

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