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Bruce Wayne is thought to be dead and is replaced by Dick Grayson. Talia manages to distract Harley and Ivy as Zatanna scans Selina's memories, but she eventually realizes that Talia only wants to erase Selina's memory of Batman's identity because she cannot bear that another woman whom Batman also loves has this information. Hush plans to kill Quinn, but when footage of the two together reaches Joker , he decides to kill Harley since he cannot have her. Shortly after this, Poison Ivy breaks into Harley's cell and attempts to kill her for her betrayal, but instead pities her and offers to free her if she helps kill Catwoman, who had left both of her fellow Sirens behind in Arkham to be captured. While Catwoman is on a private caper trying to discover information on her escaped and mentally unstable sister, Maggie Kyle finds the home of a renowned exorcist looking for help in saving her sister. Batman publications and storylines. However, Poison Ivy arrives to save Catwoman and offers her to return to her new hideout, which is actually the hideout of the Riddler , whom Poison Ivy has seduced and drugged.

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Gotham City Sluts (Full Version)

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Seemingly coming under the plant's control and being promised to be its queen, Ivy aids its escape from the lab, battling Catwoman and Harley Quinn on her way to Gotham Park, where the entity plans on spreading her spores in an attempt to take over the planet.

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Gotham City Sluts

Suicide Squad director David Ayer will return to direct the film, while Geneva Dworet-Robertson has been hired to write the screenplay. Hidden categories: Title pop Comics navigational boxes purge. Retrieved December 13, — via Twitter.

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