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Warning This image is graphic Tap to reveal Click to reveal. It's largely footage of a woman bathing and brushing a horse. It's also surprisingly prevalent, but not in videos — in video thumbnails, some of which have racked up millions of views. Bestiality thumbnails are the latest in a series of missteps for YouTube, which has had ongoing difficulties policing its platform for content that violates its rules. The employee noted that in its previous iteration, the content farm used provocative thumbnails though none featuring bestiality to promote titillating videos of women petting snakes. Search YouTube for "girl and her horse" and the platform will return more than 12 million results. In , YouTube came under fire for unwittingly directing users searching for news to conspiracy videos.

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YouTube Hosted Graphic Images Of Bestiality For Months

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All of them appear to point the way to pornographic videos.

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If you want to read more about YouTube and the internet's daily information wars, subscribe to Infowarzel , a BuzzFeed News newsletter by the author of this piece, Charlie Warzel. One such thumbnailed video had amassed 2. The employee told BuzzFeed News that the Cambodian accounts were likely trying to spike their view counts in hopes of later monetizing them the vast majority of the accounts BuzzFeed News discovered had not been monetized at the time they were terminated. Contact Charlie Warzel at charlie.

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