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Nor do I want to label you a prude. Dear Abby: I met this beautiful and awesome lady recently and slept with her that night. You will be doing her a favor to speak up. I know there's nothing sexual going on because I can hear them talking and joking around. The next day, we spent most of the day texting back and forth. If you do all the chasing, you'll deprive her of the pleasure of chasing you back. Heck, there's a mirror on every wall, so she must have liked what she saw, and it's none of my business.

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You are just not as comfortable in your skin as your sons and their "jock" friends are.

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When they come in from running or sports, or if a group is spending the night, they shower in groups of two, three or four. Dineen Nonprofit rescues Opera Plaza. When she wore them to a school sporting event, my husband accused me of being a "bad friend" for not telling her that her rear view was getting the wrong kind of attention. When I asked the boys about this, they looked at me as if I had two heads.

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  1. Bruh I am just trying to watch some damn porn and I what I see is some futristic mirror and neuromodulation.

  2. How can they have Game Shows in NK. They don't even Have TVs,