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What are we having for dinner? Even if desire is not the catalyst to initially masturbate, once stated, the desire or arousal can happen. Keeping in contact with your partner is a huge part of a healthy relationship , but asking her the one thing you want to know can be tough. And one way that you blow off steam? It gives her control of her own orgasm. It can also open up the doors to mutual masturbation, which Goldstein says is another practical way to approach the conversation. Michael says that one easy way to approach is by trying the show-and-tell method.

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Does Your Girlfriend Masturbate?

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As sex experts explain, it really varies, depending on the woman.

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My girlfriend masturbates after we have sex. Why?

Did you ever hear back about that job you applied to? It gives her control of her own orgasm. I sometimes will use a vibrator or a toy, but mostly, I just use my hands to make small circles on my clit until I come.

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