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In , there were at least 71 arrests under article - literally days ago, a young man was sentenced to 4 months in jail for exchanging romantic messages online with another man. Attacks on activism and dissenting voices, a constant refusal from authorities to engage with their citizens, and persistent disregard for fundamental rights - this is something that should provoke a reaction from all communities, not only the LGBTI movement. President Beji Caid Essebsi, we are calling on you to seize this significant opportunity to introduce legislation that would abolish Article of the Tunisian Penal Code and prohibit anal testing. You blew past our goal within hours. Please join us, and tell the world why gayisok! Follow weareallout on Instagram to meet others like you around the world. Will you post a photo to send to politicians trying to block equality?

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If enough people chip in, we can buy an advertising slot on Sky News — a channel that streams inside Parliament.

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Authorities can ban peaceful gatherings, they can silence dissent, they can use hard, raw power to bully and coerce others. But all this changed when the Istanbul Governorate banned the Pride march in Istanbul, police violently dispersing participants with water cannons, tear gas and pepper ball projectiles, detaining dozens of people in the process. The biggest Halloween shop in the U. Will you post a photo to send to politicians trying to block equality?

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