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Keep in mind, this is a culture where, despite high heat and humidity, the women have their shoulders and knees covered at all times ironically, because years ago european missionaries came in and told them they must - so we started it! One sat atop the others shoulders and they pair off and try to knock each other off. I'm sure you don't want to spend your holiday being arrested for indecent exposure. It may be do-able on resort property, but it's still extremely, extremely offensive to the Fijian people, so please know that if you choose to go nude in public. If you want to pay 2 thousand U.

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Even in Fiji it can be done I suppose if you can find a remote beach.

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If you want to pay 2 thousand U. Many resorts now feature bures with "private plunge pools. Is there any resort in Fiji where we could find a private stretch of beach for this. Surely there must be somewhere where you can get away from people without too much trouble.

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