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She had a maid, that was a black woman in her mid fifties, named sandy, and a maintenance man for the house and grounds, and a man that cared for the horses. One night, I was getting ready for bed, and I walked by Gram's room on the way to mine and I stopped dead in my track's as I saw her undressing. When I finally got my tongue to her pussy lips, I scooped my tongue inside her, trying to get whatever I could out of her lusty, warm hole. I couldn't believe she was offering herself to me!! All of the sudden, grama let go of my dick and put her hands on my cheeks and turned my face to look her in the eyes.

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She yelled and moaned into my mouth as I sucked on her tongue and finished up deep inside her beautiful belly.

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Written by Ty Maxemous , on , genre incest Hi, my name is Mike. She was treating me just as she did grandfather when he was alive. She moan and told me to use her as I wish. You must carry on your Grandfather's life force.

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