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Nagaraju tries to get her back at the risk of getting beheaded if caught in the palace. Jagadeka Veeruni Katha min Drama, Fantasy 7. Thyagayya min Family, History, Musical 7. A poor man, in love with a princess, is persuaded by an evil sorcerer to help him get the blessing of a Goddess. But he gets thrown away when he shares stage with a low caste girl named Manjulavani.

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Mana Desam min Drama 6.

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Raktha Sambandham Drama 8. The son of a landowner becomes a tutor to a wealthy man's daughter whose widowed sister starts loving him. Bhakta Prahlada min Drama, Fantasy 7. Elaborate melodrama, presented the problems of uneven development in terms of an emotional conflict between and innocent feudal rural female and a worldly-wise capitalist urban male.

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