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Think of five things you are grateful for…. So, to keep things working awesomely for you, and to enjoy the full experience and features of CockyBoys. If the caveman had known how to laugh, history would have been different. The guys gave a quick run-down of exactly how they like to fuck, the main thing being their shared sexual versatility. But he's going to have to wait just a little bit longer because Benjamin is topping for the first time!

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Brandon Jones

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From double penetration to two men filling his mouth with their cum, Skyy is ready to experience it all.

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Dustin approached Brandon with all the eagerness of a first-timing high school boyfriend, but there was nothing amateur about his technique. Brandon usually travels with a butt plug up his hole and sometimes carrying a dildo around - for emergency situations when his hole is about to starve and it just needs something more solid up in there. If you asked him what's his most precious part of the body he'll tell you it's his ass. Colton got nailed hard and passionately, just how he likes it.

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  1. Definitely, have done the first scene myself. It was hot greeting him like that.

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