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Whereas formerly guests were almost exclusively foreigners and tourists, today 90 per cent of them are Japanese. Without charge the Company provides him with soft slippers and a kimono to relax in and to sleep in at night. Several empty cabs did pass. Two men from the United States of America were asked to Hokkaido to study the soil and mining possibilities. What about the Navy, the Army, the Gendarmerie? With patience and forbearance they philosophically formed a new line and waited for the next train. At lunch in the grill I noticed that the majority of the guests were well-dressed Japanese men in foreign-style clothing.

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He was three weeks in a sailing vessel, a lone passenger on a boat that carried a captain, a mate, and one sailor.

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Overcome with modesty we each ran to- ward an open space in the pool which by now was filled with sub- merged bathers arranged in rows, chins resting on planks placed across the tank. The maid removed the wall overlooking the stream, thus throwing open one entire side of the room; the sun poured in and directly below to the right through rising steam, a pool some fifty by one hundred and fifty feet was faintly outlined. She had thoughtfully brought with her a box of roasted water chest- nuts, a box of sweets from the Ginza in Tokyo, and a basket of fragrant golden loquats.

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