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No matter the catalyst, we should always be true to who we are and to those that we love more them life itself. Nov 27, Amber rated it it was amazing. Katie teases us all with starting and stopping the sex scenes with the men because she has issues that are triggered from her past. So 3 little stars is all there's left for this book. I really enjoyed this newest book by Marie Tuhart.

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Jed and Ry and creative guys and they like to play with one another just as much as they like playing with Katie.

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Reviews on behalf of Once upon an Alpha I was confused view spoiler [ the bitchy bitch that got in katie's face when she was picking up her daughter, how you gonna say these guys have a bad rep and all that when you just took your kid there? All three characters have some huge flaws and issues, which made them all the more intriguing to read about. Nothing like, shock, revulsion, anger, and outrage to make a girl pack her bags and leave town.

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