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Thanks for these posts guys and thanks Bioware Montreal for the comedy gamescenes! Thread starter Lime Start date Mar 16, Disclaimer Two : Witch hunts, misogynist bullshit, and developer stalking are completely reprehensible and unacceptable. Hold on to your memehats bois. Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion.

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Mass Effect GIFs

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Didn't Bioware say they have a Day One patch coming out that fixes this stuff?

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Now we need a MEA shitty dialogue thread. Now I don't have to search bunch of ME:A thread for gifs. I thought the Mass Effect 3 shephard run animation was goofy, but this is a step beyond This does look like a eurojank rpg anytime there are other NPCs you are interacting with.

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  1. Her profile name is mrms69 on ph. You're welcome everyone

  2. Great upload man! Are you going to upload the others from her?

  3. that was hot, but the music 100% ruins this