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Wisdom 6 years ago
Poor white folks, They objectified their women, perverted their image and turned them in whores for the world. You have ruined yourselves and now intend on doing the same with Middle Eastern symbols (like Hijab) while using white actors. How much lower will you fall?
Shifty 5 years ago
White ppl are weird.
papichulo 6 years ago
Ada Sanchez is her name. Shes not Arab nor Mexican, shes Cuban.
Nigga 6 years ago
Why she moan like that in dead
cedu 6 years ago
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Man 3 years ago
Fuck those tight ass arab girl . Arabs doesn't know how to fuck a girl .
About the.girl 3 years ago
She is Mexican and.Arab and.from the east side she is a mix
Naughty virgin 4 years ago
I want to be fucked like this
steve 5 years ago
there is fake
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