very petite asian girls banged hard

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miky 5 years ago
no condom, what an idiot
Some guy 5 years ago
Isn't this guy afraid of std's?
Graverobber 5 years ago
Tbh i was a dummy i never used a condom i went to the phillipines to meet up with this pinay girl we were dating at the time she was by far the best fuck ive ever had tight ass pussy perfect tits id go back fs i fucked her for a month str8 3 -5 times a day eat fuck sleep repeat went to a movie and the mall bought her some shit
4 years ago
"this is so illegal.. I so much don't like that"

said, after cumming for third time...
Jimmy Hendrix 5 years ago
Lmao the black haired ones such a little slut
xxxx 5 years ago
Damn. I love that little blonde .....
xxx 5 years ago
whats the name of the girls
wrizz 4 years ago
what kind of an idiot would fuck these sluts without a condom
Jay 4 years ago
These girls have the best pussy and body's, I'm white but I want some Asian pussy bad! Fuck all day everyday.
DrFurioux 4 years ago
The black haired girl with the owl tattoo is called Praew, but she probably goes by different aliases. I barfined and fucked her when she worked in a bar in Pattaya but she freelances nowadays. Definitively rubber up because when I knew her she would take loads from 20 guys in a good week and she wasn't too fussed about condoms. And whatever you do, don't eat her pussy as tempting as it may seem.