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Frikos 10 months ago
Ta fuck they don’t even know how to fuck for god sake
11 months ago
The problem with a girl this pretty is you’re going to want to be boning her 24/7. You won’t be able to go to a movie, to church, to the circus, to her parents house because you’re gonna need your Dick in her every second. It’s a problem.
11 months ago
Problem with Russians is they have the best women on the planet but kinda small penis men
10 months ago
She loves him the way they kiss and she holds the back of his head
11 months ago
Wonder who the lucky tattoo guy was and if he fucked her too? I would have!
sarah elizabeth blackie 11 months ago
this old daddy would love to teach him and i would fuck her and them him and come in his tight younggg ass
Mike 3 months ago
I would love to sit on this boys hairless dick and get fucked till he cums in my tight ass
Love boys 7 months ago
I want him in my daughter
Daddy 7 months ago
I want to fuvk his ass
Vanessa 4 months ago
He is hot